If you're a photographer looking to license your food images, we can help.


If you are a photographer with a collection of food images, or a food blogger with an ever expanding collection of photographs, then we would love to hear from you. You may never have submitted to a stock library before, and that is fine, we can answer any queries you may have. We now accept applications three times a year (start of August, December and April). 


So why work with The Picture Pantry?:

  • All images are licensed as royalty free, and you are perfectly entitled to license them elsewhere, display them on your web site, and use them however you wish. There are no restrictions - after all, they are your images.
  • You receive one of the highest percentage rates from any library - 50% of every image licensed is yours, and we pay you every month.

  • We are very selective, and therefore smaller than the libraries that have millions of uncurated images. So your work makes for a larger percentage of the overall collection. Therefore, you have more chance of selling images, and making commission.
  • The Picture Pantry is run by photographers, for photographers, so we never license images at microstock rates. Pricing is based on 15 years experience of the digital stock world. Because of this, we now only work with photographers who don't also have the same collection with a microstock agency, as we prefer to compete on quality, not price (you can still have your images with other premium stock libraries, it is just that we can't represent any images that are with microstock agencies).

  • We are particularly keen on receiving images from both active food bloggers with a good eye for photography, and professional photographers, who are producing modern looking photography. We try to retain a very stylish appearance with our images, so have a good look through the library to get a feel for our tastes.
  • Our fees to clients are in British pounds, and this is how we pay our contributors through Paypal or Skrill (so you will also need a Paypal or Skrill account, where you can also convert earnings to your local currency if you wish).

  • Please download our technical requirements, but essentially we are after your largest files that are captioned and keyworded.


To get started, simply send us 3-5 images, either one JPEG per email, or you can use Dropbox/WeTransfer etc.  If you prefer, you can send us a link to your website, although we would need to see some high resolution files prior to being accepted as a contributor.  Once your style and images are approved, you will be sent a contract, and we are then good to go! If you would like to look at the contract now, you can see it here.

If you have any queries, or would like to start sending some sample images, please feel free to get in touch with Craig Holmes, the Photographic Partner at The Picture Pantry. You can also email him at craig@thepicturepantry.com.


P.S. If you are an existing contributor, please go to www.thepicturepantry.net to upload your images, using the password you were issued.  If you have forgotten it, please get in touch and we can re-send it you.